Current Direction

All my current work involves subjects around my home in Boston and where I spend part of summers in the Upper Valley area of Vermont. I am inspired by the “everyday” in my environment, especially how the same subjects look different under different lighting conditions. To me the “common” often looks beautiful. My hope is that others will see to beauty in the simple and also to see their own environment in a new way.

My current work, if I had to categorize it, would be called landscapes. However, there is very little virgin landscape in the world today. I don’t try to make my pictures look like they are all the works of nature. Though there are few people in the images, the effects of people are in all my photographs. I don’t resist this, nor do I find it unattractive.

My current work is all shot on film and printed in gelatin silver. Gelatin silver is the technical term for the most used method of printing a black and white photograph for about 125 years up until the invention of digital photography and the many different printing methods which resulted from that. This print is made by passing light through a negative and projecting it onto photographic paper which has been coated with light sensitive grains of silver which are suspended in a gelatin coating. The print is then developed in a sequence of chemicals which also make the image permanent. I then treat my prints is a bath of selenium toner which makes the image more archival while also making the image a bit “cooler’ and the blacks deeper.

The reason I’m using this more traditional method in my current work as I feel prints made this way have more of a feeling of depth. This method also drastically limits the amount of manipulation that can be done to the image thus assuring the viewer that the picture they see is what I saw when I took the photograph.

Prints of my work are currently available for purchase individually on my web site. All prints are individually printed by myself. Also, 25 prints from my “Images of the Upper Valley” are soon to be available as a portfolio.